Action Replay + Classic Controller & Bluetooth


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Nov 23, 2006
By now a vast majority of the Wii owning community with an internet connection has witnessed the eye widening breakthrough of the Action Replay working on the Wii. YES! Video of the Action Replay+ NGC SD adapter+ SDLoad will enable players to load homebrew on their shiny new white boxes but what else is possible?

I was wondering who out there has tried this and succeeded? Because I've been wondering this all day...You can use the GC contorller with the emulation but could you also use the classic controller?? I know it's GD Hardware but it's still emulation. The reason I ask is because i prefer the the classic controller to the wavebird.
One idea. - use a gamecube to PSone controller adapter (i have a psone controller around) to navigate the Action Replay menu then once in the SD load/emulator use the Classic Contoller
The only thing i can't figure out is whether the emulation will pick up the wireless RF/Bluetooth from the Wii-Remote.
Any ideas guys?
I didnt understand a word you wrote down

Hi.. Call me Newbie
But i havent understood anything you wrote down ?
Please explain in a more newbie way
whats action replay?