Nintedo release official Wii details


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May 9, 2006
Was reading over the official nintendo site from another thread and found this info, this is the most concise info i've read so far for the wii and thought it was worth sharing.

Apologies if its already been posted:


Launch Date and MSRP:
Q4 2006 ($TBA)

Intuitive control for anyone using the physical motion of the main Wii Remote, which resembles a television remote control. Up to four Wii Remotes can be connected at once using wireless Bluetooth technology. The wireless signal can be detected within 10 meters of the console. Both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers include a three-axis motion sensor. The Wii Remote also includes a speaker, rumble feature and expansion port, and can be used as a pointer within 5 meters of the screen. The Wii Remote has a power switch, plus pad, A, B, Minus, Home, 1 and 2 buttons. The Nunchuk controller includes an analog control stick and C and Z buttons.

The Look:
Wii features a compact design that will make it a natural addition to any television setup. It can be displayed either vertically or horizontally.


A single self-loading media bay will play single- or double-layered 12-centimeter optical discs for Wii, as well as 8-centimeter Nintendo GameCube™ discs.
Communication: Wii can communicate with the Internet even when the power is turned off. This “WiiConnect24” service delivers a new surprise or game update, even if users do not play with Wii. Users can connect wirelessly using IEEE802.11b/g, or with a USB 2.0 LAN adaptor. Wii also can communicate wirelessly with Nintendo DS™.

Virtual Console:
Wii will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo® 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System® (SNES) and even – more –
the Nintendo Entertainment System® (NES). The Virtual Console also will feature a “best of” selection from Sega Genesis titles and games from the TurboGrafx console (a system jointly developed by NEC and Hudson). It also will be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets.

The Specs:
Wii has 512 megabytes of internal flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports and built-in Wi-Fi capability. A bay for an SD memory card will let players expand the internal flash memory. Design was optimized with state-of-the-art processing technologies that minimize power consumption, keep the console compact and enable the “sleepless” WiiConnect24 mode.

CPU: PowerPC CPU (code-named “Broadway”)
Made with a 90 nm SOI CMOS process, jointly developed with and manufactured by IBM.
Graphics Processing Unit: Being developed with ATI

Other Features:
Four ports for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers. Two slots for Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards. An AV Multi-output port for component, composite or S-video.

Really intrigued by the emulator setup and the ability to download over 20 years of Nintendo games, i bet you its not a free service though. :(
^-- yeah, i don't think 'free' is in any game companies vocabulary

i really like the inclusion of the gamecube controller ports, as long as they work with wii games as well as the cube games, means i don't have to re-adjust to another layout
i am getting worried that the controller for the wii will be really hard to use do you lot think this as well?
Link said:
i am getting worried that the controller for the wii will be really hard to use do you lot think this as well?
I don't think so. I think it will be very easy to get used to, especially in FPSs. Have you seen the videos of people playing it?
Link said:
i am getting worried that the controller for the wii will be really hard to use do you lot think this as well?
I don't think it'd be hard to use the controller at all, if anything... being able to control a game with movement and stuff would be fun ^_^ Watch videos of how it is used and you'll see how easy it can be.
There's going to be a slight learning curve but as soon as you get that out of the way you should have loads of fun.
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Link said:
i am getting worried that the controller for the wii will be really hard to use do you lot think this as well?
I think the average gamer would find it weird at first, but after some hours, it should become more natural.
The new smash brothers game is suposed to use the old Game Cube controler, so if develpoers really have a problem with the Wii's one this proves that they can always use the the classic one for their games.
If anyone wants it i can find the ign article about SSBB's controls for them.
It sounds as if when it comes out it is going to be very strong as in what it is going to have which is great to hear.
What I am looking at is the graphics card. What could be in the graphics that could take it so long to develop if it is just slightly more powerful than the GameCube as they say?
512 megabytes of flash, wont go to far with downloads.
It probally can hold about 50 downloaded games not including save files.
You do have the option of using external SD cards as well though, so if you can fit 50 downloaded games on a single 512MB card, that is pretty cost effective.
no hard drive... what about downloading new maps, playing music and other such things :(, maybe it wil b and add on, then again, i suppose it wont b too much of a bad thing