Aliens Versus Predator comes to the Wii?


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Jun 26, 2006
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Hey guys

this is my first post here. Anyway an idea occured to me earlier today, what if they came out with an AvP (Aliens Versus Predator) game for the Wii? I guess i'm being a bit presumptuous in assuming the contributors of this forum have played the AvP games, but for those who have, or even seen the alien movies can u imagine the possibilities for wireless connectivity with the DS?

You could hold your DS in your left hand as your motion tracker, blipping when movements are detected nearby, maybe even using the arrow keys to change weapons or something, with your Wii-mote pulse rifle in your right hand, how good would that be? to those who havent played AvP or AvP2 on PC its definitely worth a look for a fantastic first person shooter experience, and being able to transfer that kind of great gameplay to the Wii with its ultimate immpersiveness would be a surefire hit.
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thanks man

i thought it would be an interesting concept; i was watching Aliens the other day n saw him holding the motion tracker, then this evenin i was just thinkin motion tracker in one hand, firearm in other = damn good.

of course there wud have to be compensations ready incase players dont have a DS, maybe an onscreen motion tracker like in the previous AvP games, while it reduces the immersive-ness (if thats even a word) of the game, it still means players without a DS wont go without equipment. Maybe an option to play the game the with Wii-mote only or dual-handed with DS and Wii-mote.

But if players have a DS maybe all their HUD stuff can be displayed on it too, in addition to the motion tracker, meaning a completely clear display screen showing only the players hands/gun, with maybe the top screen being the motion tracker while the bottom screen displays health, inventory items n stuff like that, so when ur in a safe place u can put ur guns down n patch urself up with your DS, a few swipes and taps on your touch screen and you're healed up and ready for combat.

Just to put the icing on the cake, what if you could use the DS's Mic to issue orders to your fellow Colonial Marines? just think how empowering it would feel to shout "FALL BACK!!" into the mic when you're being overrun by an alien horde, then seeing your troops running back into their APC, shielded from the alien attack, or screaming "ATTACK!!!" and watching them rush forward and lay waste to the hive.

I think its about time we had more games like this on a nintendo platform. and with the Wii's unprecedented level of interactivity a game like this could be a fantastic experience.

Who agrees with me?
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And motion sensor beeps MUST come from speaker in wiimote :) I like the idea but I'm afraid Aliens/Predator scene is bit dead and I highly doubt that they make more games.
I don't really think it will come to the wii and im not a very big fan of AvP
Here is a picture of the microphone from gamecube that could possible be used for Wii games.
Ya I know. That way they could make their own guns, monsters, etc. instead of having to use strictly AvP's stuff.
I think it would be cool, but not being a fan of movie games i think it would be cooler if they just did something a little different just to not have it as AVP
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ssbb_lover said:
It doesn't have to be AvP it could be a "nintendo original";)

You have a good point, i too had this idea in the back of my mind when i did the original posts. In retrospect, doing an AvP game for Wii *may* [citation required] wind up more expensive (lisencing of characters etc) but if it was an original with ideas inspired from AvP or things similar, it'd be extremely fun.

I'm sure if the developers of Wii FPSs' used some creativity with control system, and peripheral devices (such as the DS for one), we could be in for some ultra-immersive gaming unlike anything we've ever seen; Once again only something possible with the Wii.