Animal Crossing color discrepancies


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Feb 18, 2009
Has anyone noticed any color discrepancies in Animal Crossing City Folk? For example I have "black roses" that are actually purple, my red balloon looks orange in my pocket and my orange pinwheel looks red in my pocket. Is this only in my game?
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Ok maby so, I never thought about that. Thanks
"Black" flowers are in fact dark purple. The inventory icon for all balloons (regardless of color) is orange. The inventory icon for all pinwheels is the same. There is nothing wrong with your TV.
Are you guys trying to play a cruel hoax on 172pilot? The inventory icon for my yellow bunny balloon is ORANGE (and not bunny-shaped). The inventory icon for my cyan pinwheel is red and white.

172pilot, there is nothing wrong with your TV. You are seeing the correct colors. Your "black" flowers are not actually supposed to look black. They are dark purple. The purple flowers are light purple. I have both "black" roses and "black" tulips. Neither are actually black.

To see what kind of balloon or pinwheel it is, point at the icon in inventory. Text will pop up describing what kind of balloon or pinwheel it is.
But im sorry Dark Purple is NOT Black Kryten
The game says they are black. I pick them up, look in my pockets, hold the pointer over them, and the game says "black roses" and "black tulips". They are "black" flowers. And they are NOT black in color. They are dark purple in color. The purple flowers are light purple in color.

Are we talking about the same version of AC? I'm talking about AC for the Wii, not AC for the DS or Game Cube. I don't know what black flowers look like in those games because I don't have them.
this is a wii forum so yes AC:CF

i haven't played the game in the month of feb. maybe they are special for that month?? Black roses for your Valentine!?
Do you have your wii hooked up with component cables?
If so, check to make sure the cables are hooked up right.

or it's probably the game...
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Yea i didnt know I had black ones until I read the description in my inventory, but that answers my question though so thanks everyone, I should have thought of the fact that all the balloons and pinwheels had the same icons, but since my first balloon was orange and the icon was orange it threw me off. thanks again

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