Artificial Shortage of Wii Systems


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Nov 22, 2006
Best Buy in Chicago here has about 600-1000 systems in their stores right now as I suspect that the other major retailers do as well. I have confirmed this with
the stores. They are only selling them on sundays until their inventory runs out due to a contract with nintendo that says they can't sell them on any other day because they want to keep hyping it every week and bring more people into the stores to check availability so that those who can get a system kiss their feet and those who can't eventually get fed up and buy playstation 2's and XBOX's. Even though I had $300 cash in my hand and the store had the system, they refused to sell it to me and told me I would have to wait in line on Sunday like everyone else. Imagine that, a store that thinks it is so big, it can tell me when to spend my money. It's OK though, I have enough time on my hands to post this on every major bulletin board in the country so I will make it my personal mission to do so. Toys R Us is doing the same thing as the other stores are as well.
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It is still BS what they are doing

If they are and there are plenty of units, it still seems really stupid. They have the systems and should put them up. So what if they sell them all before black friday. Why would they tell me to come in Sunday then if they want to do a lot of business on Friday, to psychologically trick me into buying it on Friday when their flyer comes out and says they have it - surprise!!! . I hope a riot erupts in their stores and that the executives are on hand and in the thick of it. I for one, don't care if they have the unit in stock, I will not set foot in that store again and will buy my TV from costco which is much cheaper anyway.
yea ill see if my brother goes with me although i doubt it ill probrably go with his friend hes the one lending me money to buy the console (hes a nintendo fanboy) personally i really dont kare as long as i get the system o yea and ima pay him back by january as ima get a weekend job then :thumbsup: then ill still have money to buy games and accesories etc
I curse Black Friday. There is going to be such madness. Not only from gamers but from all the other crazies trying to get all the other shxt. I really hate the fact that they are purposely holding them until this day.
I preordered a Wii for the second shipment of Wii's at gamecrazy, in Washington State, said they will have some on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) so i would suggest to call your gamecrazy and ask them about a preorder list and if they say they dont have one ask for a waiting list....i called and my gamecrazy store was VERYhelpful, but u will have to go to the gamecrazy to sign your name on the list..CAN't WAIT TILL FRIDAY!!
anybody know what time best buy's open on black friday?
or is it a decision based on the management for each individual store?
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5 AM in the morning. It says this on their website.
Now those asses are making me stay up all night just to get a Wii
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If they have systems on Friday, after they told me that they wouldn't until Sunday and they sell out, I'm going Rainbow Six on them.
that really kind of sounds like it's not true.

then again, it would be a good way of keeping people going out to the stores for them and not seem like they botched the holiday launch by running out of systems in november. They have stated that they did not expect to even come close to selling out on launch day and that you'd be able to find one just about anywhere.
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It is 100% True - Fact.

I also have a friend who is doing temp work for toys r us and says they are doing the same thing. I don't know who is calling the shots on this but it is 100% pure unquestionable fact. If you don't believe me, call up the Chicago best buy stores on North avenue or Clark St.

It does sound like it could be BS though because who in their right minds would think that a company could do this. I do agree that it could be a way of covering up a lack of units on hand but still - what country do we live in?
I think the guy that told you that was messing with you, as I do have buddies (I am from Chicago) that work at Best Buy and Circuit City. They've told me that they don't have any shipments at their store, as well as my store (Gamecrazy) not having any shipments until around the time (before) Christmas, as our memo had said. They're probably trying to start a rumor to get you all hyped up, but in the end, you'll just be another angry customer.