So Nov 19 is a Sunday?


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Oct 14, 2006
I was reminded of that yesterday, and by happenstance drove by my ebgames yesterday and saw that it was closed (at 11:00am). So if the store's typically closed on Sundays, do you think it'll be closed on launch day? I wonder if for some stupid reason the store is closed on Sunday, they'll have a midnight party on Saturday night. Here's me hoping.:scared:
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I think it's a regional thing. I live in Utah, where practically everything's closed on Sundays, except for big-box stores, etc.:mad5:
I just called my gamstop, they said they would be open, and they're not doing a midnight release. ;_;
:lol: that would be funny if it was closed on launch...but no I think all stores will be open that store it.

Anyways I get my Wii at 12:00 am before most of you :lol: and am taking Monday off to play it!