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Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
i found this will just surfing

"September 12, 2006 - A source close to Nintendo has given us some new information regarding Wii, as well as two new pictures of Wii kiosks that will be displayed nationwide in the coming months. Our source wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Now, we leave it to our viewers to form their own opinion of the legitimacy of these pictures, and we cannot confirm them 100%, but we believe them to be real. As the pictures are photos of photos, taken on a 1.3 megapixel cameraphone, they are as you can imagine rather blurry. The first shows the GameStop Wii booth, the second shows an aisle stand, possibly from a store such as Best Buy. Here they are:



Below is the information given to us.

Most of the things I'm about to post are going to be very vague on purpose. A lot of this info is very sensitive but I wanted to at least give you some details you may be interested in.

first, you will here everything in regards to date, price, virtual console info, etc on the 14th..

Wii Price - There is a good chance it will be $229. I have a picture of how the Best Buy layout will look and the price is listed as $229. I was told this was just for mock up purposes but I have a feeling its the price.

Virtual Console - the games will be no more then $10 and expect roughly 20 to 25 at launch with all third party companies participating at some point.

Interactives: I can't/wont say which stores will have playable interactives and which won't but the majority of stores will not have a playable interactive. Hopefully this is only for the first three months until the saftey concerns of a tethered controller are addressed. Most stores will have a video interactive. Both interactives are really nice and feature 21 or 23 inch flat screen monitors. I can't post a pic, but the interactives are white with a blue similar in color to the light on the Wii.. very nice loooking.. I will post a pic closer to the date they ship..

Somes stores will start doing resets around 9/15 (game stop) and cutting out a section for, others will start around 10/22. The playable and video interactives will be in all stores by 11/12 but you may start seeing them towards the end of October, early Nov.

Target and Best Buy will have a very nice section for Wii - Game stop is moving Wii and DS to the front of store..

Mall tour: An announcement will be made soon in regards to various Westfield malls in cities across the U.S. The select malls will have 6 wii playable interactives which will be manned all day, every day from 11/15 through Jan...

Launch Events: you will see two major launch events in two major cities (NY/LA). These will take place the night before the midnight launch. In order to know what it will be like in NYC, just think about New Years Eve and that is the experience you will have..

DL Demo Update: Version three will hit stores next week - features Mario VS Dk, Elite Beat Agents, Clubhouse games, Brain Age, Big Brain and Danny Phantom.

Delta Airlines - if your in ATL or Cinci airport you will see a DS interactive in the Delta section of the airport.. this is coming sooon.

oh yeah forgot to mention there will not be a big supply of Wii accessories and controllers. roughly 600,000 extra controllers will ship in the U.S.

He revealed a second bit of information later...
Beta testing for the Wii starts Sept 18th - Oct. 23rd so don't expect the system to release prior to that. The beta test covers Wii Connect 24, the Virtual Console and "other" online features.. When I beta tested the DS wifi we did that for almost three months until Nintendo Wi Fi was launched but that covered three different games. I guess the system could launch but then the above features won't be up and running if it did. So hope that helps in narrowing down the date.

Since the Wii has no online launch titles, however, this could have no effect on Wii launch.

Well, there you have it, our first bit of leaked information. Please comment on it in our forums, or email us if you have anything you wish to contribute."

yes i know i0n post a snipet of this blog but i thought i should post it to tide us over

those both look like blurry drawings not pictures, they look fake and I highly doubt those are true..
I think i saw higher resolution pics of those stations somewhere. Looked pretty fake to me though ..