ATI graphics card

it not any of the pc line of graphics chips, its nicknamed the hollywood and is supposed to be an upgraded version of the gamecube chip, from what was seen at e3 and ati rep stated was just the tip of the iceburg, which means the sweet screens we've been seeing from e3 gameplay aren't near the best this new chip can do.
why do you thinik the ps3 has a nvidia card cause nvidia blows ati away and mostly all pc games work and look better on nvidia
Sorry but ATIs graphic cards and drivers are top notch, in my opinion better than Nvidia. Ive always bought ATI cards, and my friend always got Nvidia, he has now switched to ATI, wonder why???

Im not sure if anyone noticed this, but xbox used to use an nvidia chip. Can anyone tell me what the 360 uses??? oh thats right ATI! so why if nvidia is better than ATI why would an HD topnotch console switch graphic brands to the "lower" quality chipset?

GC had the best graphics of the last gen, with an ATI chip... anyone who wants to argure can search on IGNS website for a comparison with PS2 and Gamecube...