Battlefield: Bad Company


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Mar 29, 2007
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Anybody else have this game?

It's basically like COD4 mixed with Battlefield 2, and then some. You can blow up walls on buildings and basically everything you can see.

If you don't have it, I would definitely recommend getting it. It's only $20 for some reason(online is still going strong).
i have it.
effin fun but then my 360 broke and i cant tell you why i cant send it to microsoft(loooong story and sounds stupid)
its cheap because it came out last june. yeah its a great game, the 2nd one is already announced i think its going to hit later this year.
Currently on the last mission, I think it's the last one... wait... HE'S GIVING A SPEECH, DON'T BE THE END D=

Oh... damn awhh
Pretty good game actually. Destructive buildings with some comedy separates it from most FPS.

Just recently had a price drop as well, for those who don't have it, pick it nao.
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I personally think the campaign kind of sucks on this game thanks to the all knowing AI. I kind of quit in the middle of it because it was just annoying.

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