Before E3 2006, and After E3 2006:


Yay I'm dead!
Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars
I absolutely love this comic! :lol:

damn thats so true. if you notice, most nintendo fans like xbox and most xbox fans like nintendo but sony fans only love sony and make absurd comments about the playstation (the best one ive ever heard is "the PS3 is going to be more powerfull than any super computer that nasa could make)
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But thats just retarded! I mean you dont see any nintendo fans screaming that the Wii is the most explosive device ever created by man, now do you?!
but nintendo fans are different

i'm even more different
i'm not a true fan of anything
i like the best all around system
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MMCD said:
because of the price the large variety of games and the control system in case you were wondering
Thats exactly the same reason I'm getting one, and of couse because Nintendo is my most favorite gaming company.

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