Best anime fights ever (possable spoilers)


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May 30, 2006
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Here we post our fave anime battles
Most of mine can be found on youtube
my topic so I start

Hajime no ippo/Fighting spirt (its a boxing anime) (youtube the name to see)
To hard to chouse one but Ippo vs Rocky (not as in the movie rocky but thats his nick name) stands out there is also the final of the amiture leage Ippo vs Ryo brakes his fist and the opponants elbom

Goku VS Piccolo (JR) <tears off his own arm grows another

Naruto vs Saske wont spoil it for you
Rock lee vs bone guy (forget name) just before the fight above lee gets drunk (by accident) if you have seen the drunken master this is exelent

Rurouni Kenshin /tv (for those in the uk)
Kenshin vs Seto same speed fast fight (I also fancy him)
Kaoru Vs Kamatari Never knew that a broken bokken can be used like that

Samurai X
Kenshin vs Enishi his last fight

Cowboy bebop
Spike vs Andy lol

What do you think
add your faves
Rurouni Kenshin: All of them!
Naruto: All of them! Especially Naruto vs Sasuke and the genin test battles.
Chynkinese said:
Rurouni Kenshin: All of them!
Naruto: All of them! Especially Naruto vs Sasuke and the genin test battles.
dont you mean chuunin test battles? lol anyways mine would have to be:

Cursed Sauske vs. Nine Tails Naruto
Lee vs. Gaara
Naruto vs. Gaara
Cowboy Bebop: Spike Vs Vicious(Final Encounter)
DBZ: Goku Vs Vegeta(all battles)
Dot Hack: Kite Vs Blackrose (spoiler)

Cowboy Bebop the Movie(Spike Vs ..forgot his name...)
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Mario Famous said:
Cowboy Bebop: Spike Vs Vicious(Final Encounter)
Cowboy Bebop the Movie(Spike Vs ..forgot his name...)
was gona include them
but the Vicious one was to short

But the naruto v saske one mentiond is the one I ment

Every one go on youtube for Hijme no ippo
# 1
Evangelion Unit 1 and 3 (shinji and asuka's eva's versus the twin angel (cant remember name or number)

It is the episode "dance like youve never danced before" or something like that its a fun fight.

# 2
Elfen Lied,Lucy versus Nana. I love that fight. poor nana t.t
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Naruto vs. Sasuke is def. The best ever. I love how Sasuke*SPOILER* uses a piece of Thread at uses his, Hosenka no jutsu. And flames it up :p
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I still recomed every one check out "hajime no ippo" on youtube it sets the standerd for non fireball fights
hajime no ippo? i would watch that on youtube if i didnt have dial-up t.t

Add this awsome anime to the list. (better than naruto seriously)

the melancholy haruhi Suzumiya

It is a short anime of 14 episodes i recomend every anime fan to go watch it if they haven't already.
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Some one one one of my "ohter" forms said its quite good

but that sucks to be on dail up
broad bands "cheap as chips" (note to self must kill david dikingson) now so get it
edit::: the actual name is "the melancholy life of haruhi Suzumiya the last episodes are the fights and are amasing.

about the internet thing, im waiting for FIBER OPTICS. It's pretty much the fastest thing out there as of now. Will be most likely getting it at the end of next month if all goes well.
Goku vs. All Frieza Forms
Rock Lee vs. Garaa<that was an awesome one!