Best Game For DS ?


The Order Of Wario
May 18, 2006
:confused: I am waiting for the DS Lite to come out in the UK... until that day, I want to start putting together a list of games... so help me out...
What are the best games on the DS ? Cheers
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Mario Kart DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Nintendogs series
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Mario Kart DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles DS
Pokeman game
Star Fox DS
Diddy Kong Racing DS
these are the only two ds games i own but both are awesome:
mario 64 ds
new super mario
(wish i had more time and money....:()

some gb advance games that are good if you haven't played them yet
zelda: minish cap
final fantasy tactics
metroid zero mission
I would say the best game so far would be Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Games like that get me addicted.
The best game for the DS would have to be Mario cart it is a ton of fun to play on the DS I like it a lot.
Mario Kart DS. p.s. has anyone else had their arse kicked by a guy called L. Vuitton? Bloody good player if hes readin!
Metroid Prime: Hunters (made even better with a rumble pak, online play is excellent)
Nintendogs Series (strangely addicting, you really just have to play for yourself)
Brain Age (Again, strangely addicting. Basically, you sit down and solve math problems, count things, and read aloud, yet both myself and both my parents play every day)
All the mario games (including: MarioKart [again, excellent online play, though combining the MK and Metroid Friends/Rivals features would make online play so much better], Mario64, and New Super Mario)
Rayman DS (preatty good game, I've played Rayman ever since the orignal on PC, I traded it in recently just because I was playing newer games so much I abandoned Raman, and figured I might as well get some money out of it)

People really seem to like Animal Crossing:Wild World, but I personally hated it.

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