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Apr 12, 2009
Hey... first post here. My wife (and 3yo daughter) live in Reno, and I live most of the time in San Jose in an RV, since there's more work here than there. Therefore, my wife suggested we each get a Wii, so we can play games over the 'net with each other.

So my question is this... what are the best games for playing over the 'net? And hopefully they'll also be playable when we're both in Reno, which happens a couple of weekends a month.

Also, what are the mandatory accessories? I know I'll need a second wiimote for each, probably a nunchuck for each, and maybe even a classic controller. I'm not sure about the sensor bar.

I've been researching the Wii and the PS3 and have concluded the Wii is probably the better choice for what she wants to do. I already have a PS3, and the games are awesome, but I don't think she's going to be into the shooters and such.

Any input is appreciated!


To be completely honest, If your focusing more on Online gamine, Buy a PS3 or xbox, Yes the wii does have a couple of decent online games, But the layout etc is very sloppy, You would be much better of with another console.
Best multi

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Its not online, but sod it its that most fun you can have blowing up yer matres with out the police getting involved
My Missus like Bomberman Blast,its available on WiiWare and its great fun,you and the wife could play online together and there is the option for eight players altogether.

Im sure your wife would like some tennis games and this summer there are 2 brand new ones coming out that use motion plus,Grand Slam Tennis & Vitua Tennis 09 i think.

Just throwing a couple of ideas up in the air if anyone else can add to the conversation?

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