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Oct 9, 2011
Hello All,
Im a dad setting up a karaoke birthday singing party for my 8-10 year old daughters. Im trying to find a current list of which wii singing games are out there and available. Then ultimately searching for a song list for each game and coming up with the best game/games to suit the girls. I appreciate any help and I will also post a list of the songs for each of the games that are suggested for future viewers.
I prefer not to endeavor into the rock band/guitar hero selections. We have GH and while its great for the family, many of the songs of course require getting thru levels to unlock them. Im a little surprised that Wii in general doesnt have such a list.
THANKS IN ADVANCE for any help the forum could offer.
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thnx, i should mention that this is a secret two part question, also looking to come up with the list to do an adult karaoke/drinking party. and by having the entire list of games that will help me narrow it down to the game with the best song choice to fit our genre