Best way to explain about the WII

Dad, it's the future, if you don't have the new technology you fall behind. And this is so new, it's not just an investment for me, but for all of us/both of us! This is a thing you could use, I could use, anyone could use! It's nice eye candy in the room and is very sleek. Having this is an awesome addition for any entertainment system! There's so many cool games you would like. Boxing, Baseball, and even fishing. And you can just pick up and play. If you don't want to use it for that you could use it for Weather or News even! Also you can download great hits from older systems, remember dad? Anyways I have thought very hard about all that I just said, I hope you will atleast take it into consideration dad!
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thats good.. but my dad isnt a video game person.... so i am sending him e-mails of information...
oh yay i convinced my mom i can give a few pointers
1. make sure no siblings are in the same room as u they might betray you
2. Talk to your parents nicely and then start a conversation about it saying Mom or Dad, I was wondering if you might be interested in letting me getting this bundle... Maybe if i can buy this thing it has [Features here] And its super great!
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SO last night i sent him just about everything on then he was looking at the e-mail and said he will read it later because soo much info.. so i told him some information on it............ so today i got a e-mail from him saying.. "Looks good. I like the wireless capabilities but wonder if things like the nunchuk are optional"......... so i said its pretty much a got to use for the nunchuck, right?????.. but i knew he would like the wireless... so i think theres a good chance, he will let me get it.. he wants to me maybe wait until the price drops, but that would be middle of next year...
*Get a sound Recorder and press record, go up to your dad and Say;
"I'm Bursting for a Wii! Can I have one?"
He'll be confused and let you and then nab his credit card, buy one then when he's angry explain what you meant earlier and play him the sound recording.

*Bad Idea.

My rents refused to buy me a 360, because.... "isnt it just the same as your gamecube but slightly better? the reason we bought you a gamecube is because you showed us how different it was to the megadrive we have, whereas this three hunderd and sixty thing you speak of is the same"

So just play on how its totally different to anything before it, and tell him it represents a HUGE leap in the way games are played.
Well, it worked for me :p
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i sent him the e-mail last night when was sleeping so he can read about the wii today and he wrote back to me saying what i wrote b4........ i was at school when we wrote back.....