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Aug 2, 2006
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hi guys yet another anime thread by me ITWTW this will be my final anime thread for a while so let get on with it. post anything related to Big O opinions, vids, pics heck even comic strips and like the other threads heres a pic to start
what the hell is the point of this anime? when ever i see it, it is just talking and no action (ive seen 1 episode with action but even then, it wasnt intense action
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personally i thought it was good u allowed have your own opinons but the robot fights were good and the mystery was good as well
ive seen like 2 epsiodes of this (both repeats) the one where their just trapped in the building and the one that shows the fisher tale of the things coming out of the water....its a pretty cool show.
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i loved that show so much even when the bad guys take control of dorothy and make her hug him almost to death "roger i love u" :lol: