Bioware would make Earthbound for Wii


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Feb 4, 2009
Hello, yesterday in Kotaku Reggie ask a question to the readers:

"In the same vein of Team Ninja working with Nintendo to re-imagine Metroid, what development group would your readers love to see partner and collaborate with Nintendo? And on what franchise?"

The mayority respond:

"They could team up with Bioware or Bethesda for a new EARHBOUND, would be amazing for the Wii"


And later Bioware seems interested:

BioWare boss Ray Muzyka respond, "If we did a Wii game," he continues, "I think we'd approach it with the target audience in mind first and the vision of delivering an emotionally powerful narrative and go back to our basics in terms of some of the pillars of gameplay we'd like to bring to bear — exploration, progression, customization, conflict, story, narrative, and characters. How do we adapt that to the platform? That's how we'd approach it."


I think is great that Nintendo allows colaboration with third-parties for clasic franchises and a new Earhbound from Bioware or Bethesda would be outstanding just for the huge RPG experience these developers have...

What you Think?
You like Bioware to develop the next Earthbound? or you preffer Bethesda...
I'd love for Bioware to make anything for the Wii. They could even just port KOTOR 1&2 over and I'd buy them.

Bethesda have their big mystery Wii title in development already and it seems that it will be the first of many, so I'm sure that they might be interested.

If either of them made Earthbound for Wii it'd probably turn out to be awesome though.
i think that would make for a good game, just dont let SQUARE touch it.
If bioware made it I think it should happen, we havent had an amazing one hit wonder for nintendo in a while....a new Earhtbound would do just that.
I don't think either BioWare or Beth should touch it personally.
Even if they developed the game, the game wouldn't sell, which would be a shame.