Bizzare answers a question about the Wii:


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Jul 21, 2006
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Blizzard answers a question about the Wii:

Are you looking forward to PlayStation 3 and whatever that stupid wavy new Nintendo thing is called?

"Yes, of course we’re looking forward to them, as anyone who likes games will be doing. The Wii seems to be aiming at a slightly different market than the Xbox 360 though, so it’ll be interesting to see if people get a Wii to go alongside their other console or not."

Whoever interviewed them, are surely Nintendo haters, I mean "And that stupod wavy new nintendo thing is called?" Some people just have sheer ignorance, but Blizzard is actually just a little interested in the wii, not much news here.

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Their only known for warcraft and starcraft, both the same rts setup, they also copied ideas from warlords battlecry but advertised better so people thought it was their ideas, they have made other games but are not that good.
mainly pc games, the crafts were ok but after 2 levels are real boring, if you want to play a fun rts get warlords battlecry 2, best rts I have ever played even if it is a little dated.
Interesting... could we potentially see a Warcraft game on the Wii? Anyway, nice to know they're not counting out the Wii straight away, I know some developers aren't too keen on it.
Not knowing Blizzard?

As a big WoW fan I know alot about Blizzard I can't believe only one person said Diablo II. I mean that is the third best game by them. (WoW then Warcraft III then Diablo II). Also I would like to see a Wii Blizzard game but I don't think we will see one. Although it would be very very interesting..
I cant believe so much ppl ignore about Blizzard!!? How dare you call yourself a gamer?! (if you do lol) Blizzard is surely one of the biggest company in the PC games industry. They made the best RTSs, MMORPG, and a really good RPG.
@RythmGen. They made Diablo serie and a few games on the consoles but they were not as popular. Also, SCG is not yet released and is postpone.

Back to main object; Homocidal, who interviewed Blizzard and said such a stupid thing? Could you give the source?