Black ops: Wii Clans, Join one today!!!!!


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Aug 8, 2010
Kettering, Ohio
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Join my clan today, I would love to have new members join my team in the line of duty. By joining my clan you are willing to watch my back and I will watch yours in the line of duty. Not many people join clan, but
this is a most clan too join. This clan for right now is on the wii:wiiconsole: for black ops.....
If you have any Questions about any thing.
Messege me!
Ally Code: 2147-3003-4566
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Dec 2, 2012
South Africa
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dude do u still play because of u do I want to join your clan like right know
HELL YEAH, me too!! I wanna join your clan do bad. Anytime there is a clan match I will be right there by your side, protecting you, killing for you and most importantly, teabagging your dead body until my wiimote battery runs out...but don't worry! I will grab my spare one.So put it this way, I will always be there, beside you, protecting you and humping your lifeless body, so... RECRUIT ME!!Note: yes, I like to use commas.

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