Bleach for Wii


Apr 30, 2006
Sega has announced its third Wii title according to Japanese gaming mag Dengeki. The game titled 'Bleach' is based on the popular anime and manga genre and will be a 3D fighting game.

Little is know about the title, only that it is said that the Wiimote will add a 'new dimension' to the onscreen battles.

The TV series is currently being broadcast over in Japan and is basically about a 15 year old boy who battles evil spirits in the real and supernatural worlds.
yeah, Bleach is a pretty good anime, and from the previous bleach games that I have played, this one should be good too. I only hope that they put alot of characters in the game though.



looks like a cool anime but the top 2 anime for me are naruto and dragonball (did not like dbz or dbgt that much).
They gotta make a game just based on dragonball
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I appologize in advance for this question, this forum is for the discussion of the Wii and everything it encompasses. However, seeing Bleach mentioned, I must ask: Does the Japanese version of Bleach DS come with an option for the English language? Not yet able to speak/read Japanese fluently, I would rather keep my money instead of importing it, if I cannot play it properly. Thanks in advance!
it will only come out if the anime comes out (the mangas out) but i might get it
most jap games will have menus in english but the rest of the content is in jap, I have also gotten imports, mainly gundam and usually can't read anything but the menus, also your ds will probably need a modification to play out of region games, just like dvds most games come with a region code.
nope all good hand helds (lol psp)are regon free
Well, its not 'officially' out in the states yet, but most otaku know what it is. however, it is coming out in here this September, so hopfully the DS and Wii game are not to far behind....

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