‘Blockbuster employee’ discovers wii release list?


Apr 30, 2006
The rumour mill is in full force today..

According to IGN Insider a Canadian blockbuster employee has pulled up a list of Wii gaming release dates and prices from the companies internal system.

The games were listed with a price tag of $49.99 ($39.99USD), here is the list:

Blazing Angels - Nov 16/06
Call of Duty 3 -
Nov 06/06
Elebits -
Oct 15/2006
Far Cry -
Nov 16/06
GT -
Oct 26/06
Marvel Ultimate Alliance -
Nov 06/06
Monster Trucks -
Nov 16/06
Prince of Persia -
Nov 16/06
Rayman 4 - Nov 16/06
Red Steel -
Oct 26/06
Sonic -
Feb 01/2007
Super Monkey Ball -
Nov 07/06

Now we know Elebits has been labelled a launch title so does this mean we are looking at an October 15th console release? History has proved that Nintendo favour releasing their consoles on Sundays but who knows..

This information is currently a rumour and therefore needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.
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According to a few Nintendo news sites, reports are coming in from retailers confirming they have received information about these new games from Ubisoft that are scheduled for around launch.

From cubed3.com:
First up is Blazing Angels, a World War 2 air combat game previously thought to be only released on Xbox and Xbox 360. A version of racer Asphalt: Urban GT also appears to be coming, though it is listed simply as GT, while Monster Trucks is also listed to uphold the racing genre.
Moving onto things that could be considered bigger news, a version of Prince Of Persia has been pencilled in. Finally, Far Cry has also been put forward, which is sure to bring joy to the hearts of FPS gamers who are committed to buying a Wii everywhere.
I'm starting to believe that Wii could launch in October. This is the second time I've heard of games being released in that month. The first time I read that it would be released in Germany at that time. And if you Google "Wii in October?", you'll find a bunch of other articles relating to this.
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