Boiled Mario and new potatos?


Jul 1, 2006
manchester, uk
Wii Online Code

Mario being boiled alive, with a nice onion gravy and potatos? Discuss.
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Haha, do you think this will be Kirby's Brawl move?

KIRBY BOIL! - "Throws in some onions"
I really hope these attacks dont disrupt the game play, i dont want to have to wait on a synimatic to play before i can continue to fight my opponent
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My guess if this move is indeed implemented, is that it will be an instant finisher, or do alot of damage and fire the opponent into the air. The move could be done very quick, HAT ON, POT OUT - BOIL FIRE!
I think the moves will be triggered by a item and cause a lot of damage but the game will still run in real time, I don't think there will be a close up during the move thats just put there lol :D
i hope it doesnt stall game play, b/c it would suck to be player 3 fight player 4 and have player 1 do one of these moves to player 2, posponing player 3 and 4's fight
I just think that kirbys move is a little weak also. If you look at marios and link they have really cool ones. marios is a huge fire blast, and link slashes his opponet into a billion pieces between two triforce symbols. To get cooked in a pot is just plan weird.