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Dark Void

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hey, new to the forums here, just trying to figure things out. I dont think im going to buy a Wii but i think that the concepts behind it are interesting and im very interested in how it turns out. oh and i like to play super smash bros melee ^_^; and PSO (phantasy star online for those who dont know)
So Dark Void, I take it you're French?

I'm taking French for the first time, so maybe I'll be able to have some sort of conversation with you, although it would probably be like talking to a 4 year old French kid.:lol:

Great to have you here.:)
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bonjour tout les mond. est je suis désolé parçe que je ne suis francais >_< ce n'était pas mon intencion pour vous duper tout. mais,je peux parler français assez bon! ya, i thx for the welcome and il see u all in the forums.

the letters are going funny again

beening a brit I should hate you

but I cant be arsed
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