Brawl Idol 2


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Mar 30, 2007
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I made a thread like this a long time ago, but since much more characters have been announced, I'm making a second one.

This is how it works:

List your top three favorite characters. Put your very favorite as number 1, your second favorite at number 2, and your 3rd favorite last, at number three. The first place slot is worth 3 points, the second 2, and the third 1. I'll take up everybody's 3 favorites and add points to them depending on where you ranked them. Here's an example [and my actual list]

1) Zero-Suit Samus
2) Metaknight
3) Pit

So I'll give Zero-Suit Samus 3 points, Metaknight 2, and Pit 1 point. see how it works? The purpose of this thread is to basically see who's the real fan favorite. And no, this dosen't belong in the board game section because it's not exactly a game. It's more like a poll. I'll go ahead and list everybody's name and add points to the ones I just listed. (Yes, I count too lol.)

Mario- 6
Link- 5
Kirby- 4
Pikachu- 2
Metaknight- 9
Pit- 12
Zero-Suit Samus- 4
Snake - 3
Fox- 1
Bowser- 1
Pokemon Trainer- 4
Sonic- 8
Pikmin and Olimar- 1
Zelda- 3
Sheik- 3
Donkey Kong-
Diddy Kong- 4
Ice Climbers-
Yoshi -
DDD- 1

I'll also put the current top 3 leading characters in bold. That way you don't have to stain your eyes and find out who's winning.
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