Which Character are you going to use most? (poll)

Errr Stuck between Meta-Knight and Yoshi...
Meh, I'll go with Yoshi, as he was my favourite in melee.
I can't believe that nobody's picked Wario. One of my friend said that Wario would be his favorite character for sure. We would play Mario Party a lot back in the day and he picked Wario most of the time.
Vets: Falco & Samus
Newcomers (want to get into using): Pit, Zero Suit Samus (just need to plan out when a good time to use the final smash is with regular Samus), & Sonic

I love using the faster characters...
I didn't say all speed & no power, I play with Samus because she has good power & speed & she'll be faster when she's Zero Suit. I don't play with Pika, or Falcon, my friend is always Fox in our 2v2 matches, so I learned to sacrifice a little bit of speed for power with Falco, Diddy & Meta, well I didn't say I absolutely wouldn't use them, but I would most likely get into using the others that I mentioned. Maybe I should have said that I like the (somewhat, if any) balance of speed & power (by my standards at least) of characters such as Falco & Samus. Still not sure why it struck you as odd.I can't think off one person that would play as that many characters to begin with on a regular basis. Far as I've seen, people tend to choose maybe 4 characters, tops, in which they stick with...
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I didn't mean it like that I just meant that you didn't make a whole lot of sense. Also this smiley :hand: needs to go.