Are you happy with the roster? *SPOILERS*

i think nintendo screwed the pooch on this one...3 of the chars strike me as being totally new and unannounced before the game even came out in japan minus the 25 they already told us about...i mean its just extremely anti climactic to use s*** most of us are already used to as the rest of the specials...
anyways i have 2 people to fully agree with
Shoko said:
I'm disappointed, but at the same time, I don't care, cause I just want the game already
anax4aero said:
Also, fact is most of us will main less than 5 why even complain? even if you had 50 with different moves each, most of them would never see the light.
the only thing i dislike about it is that Isaac isn't in(at least he got an AT), I don't see why Kid Icarus and ice climbers franchise is more important than Golden Sun...

but besides that i'm happy, people are complaining that clones are back(which there are NO complete clones, at most it's toon link, but he is so completely fast compared to link they're totally different characters)

IMO if people consider the fact that let's say wolf is a clone, then they SHOULD think ice climbers is a clone of LINK, i mean they have the same a moves, and both of them have a spinning b-move

while most 'clones' in brawl only share about 3 b-moves, and they're different too(different effects, see todays update), ice climbers share all a moves with link(cept two are reversed) and have a similar b-move

Isaac there's not a reason to be in the game
popular choices have reasons not to be in the game
ridley) too big(YEAH SAKURAI THOUGHT HE SHOULD BE A BOSS, what a wise man)
geno) third party, AND he's only been in one game, and he wasn't even the main protagonist
Krystal) fox and falco were extremly popular in melee, so sakurai probably wanted a star fox character more closer to them
Megaman) third party, too much licensing etc....and they didn't really NEED him
I'm not disappointed at all, it's almost 10 more characters than in Melee, with less clones. Especially looking forward to R.O.B and Toon Link (who were both a huge surprise for me). Don't see why people should be complaining...
Hyde14 said:
im soo happy with it except how are we 100% sure its only 35?
not a hundred percent but the video i saw had that many and it didnt look like there was any space for more
total bull. im incredibly disapointed. theres way to many pokemon characters....

theres ALOT of other characters that deserved a spot in the game....

i still think it will be a good game. but the roster could have been better.


i think that toon link and rob look fun tho. so im not that mad
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Im pretty happy with the roster although i would have like to have seen a least 2 or 3 more 3rd party characters even though i know he wants to keep it mainly nintendo characters
Overall, I'm happy because the only characters I'll likely play as consistently are there (Link, Toon Link, Metaknight and Sonic). However, I'm disappointed with a few things;
1. Do we really need that many Pokemon mascots?
2. Why even bother pulling a huge move in including third-party characters if you're only going to have two (i.e. Sonic and Snake)?
3. Still only 1 playable Metroid mascot. As for people saying Ridley is too big, when has official size ever mattered in Smash Bros.? Olimar is described as being as tall as a bottle cap, which is not the case in Brawl. Kirby is supposed to be 8 inches tall (again, clearly not the case in Brawl). Sonic is a hedgehog but yet only a foot or so shorter than Link in Brawl. I could go on and on, but I think that's enough.
i gotta say, im pretty have with it, we got 10 new characters of which im happy of.

and me got solid snake:)
i dont get how some can say theres too many pokemon...its 4. it was 4 last time. i think they should of dumped jiggly for something people would actually want to use but thats out of my control. kirby and starfox both technically have 4 so i think thats more excessive this time.
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