Super Smash Bros. 4 Characters: A Speculatory Thread *SPOILERS*

Tails McCloud~ said:
Yugo (Bloody Roar)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Ocelot (M.Gear)
(Pokemon Trainer's name changed to Ash)

Krystal FSA- ESP (Scrambles enemy controlls and damage meter slowly increases. Duration: 20 seconds)

Eggman FSA- Egg Battalion (Summons dozens of Eggbots and some E-100 series robots to fight)

Geno FSA- Geno Beam
(Launches a huge beam from the cannon on his arm. Similar to Zero Laser)

Yugo FSA (Human Form)- Maximum Blow (Launches a series of devistating punches then delivers a massave straight shot that sends the foe flying)

Yugo FSA (Wolf Form)- Beast Finish (Slashes an enemy several times, then uppercuts them onto the air, then spiral dives back into the ground. Multiple enemies can be caught into the vortex)

Isaac FSA- Final Slash (Powerfull wave of energy escapes his sword and slashes everyone)

Ocelot FSA- Revolver Rush (Shoots clip after clip continuously at oponents for about 13 seconds. Bullets do 8% Damage each. 10 clips)

Ash FSA- Hyper Beam X3 (All 3 pokes use Hyper Beam at once)

Yeah they're more series' to come we don't even know of yet, I like your list, definitely more 3rd party characters, and I don't see why they don't keep the exact SAME roster and add on, that's what I think they should done in Brawl even though I hate Pichu and Dr. Mario, I don't like the idea of just ditching them. But yeah I don't there will be another Super Smash Bros. on the Wii, maybe Wii 2? I don't know but what some of you are saying about them not even making another one, that sounds stupid to me because as we all know Nintendo LOVES to milk the crap out f a series until its a classic (Mario anyone?), but I don't think this is the end, it doesn't matter who produces it.
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@ Tails McCloud:
I was looking over your list again and saw a character I didn't fully notice the first time: Yugo.
That would be great!!! Bloody Roar is one of my all-time favorite fighters (not as good as melee of course) and I'd love to see him in. They should also have the aquarium stage from bloody roar primal fury as a place to fight in.