Brawl character running speeds.(spoilers)


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Oct 25, 2007
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Here is a thread at smashboards to explain it all:
Here is a video of their running speeds.

I'll tell them in the order from fastest to slowest, but for more detail go to the link above. Feel free to discuss your thoughts.

Captain Falcon
Sheik, ZSamus
Charizard, Pikachu
Diddy Kong, Marth
DK, Toon Link
Mr. Game and Watch
Lucas, ROB, Mario, Bowser, Ivysaur
Falco, Lucario
Pikmin and Olimar, Ness, Wolf, Ice Climbers
Ike, Squirtle, Kirby
Peach, Wario, Luigi, Snake, Link
King Dedede, Zelda
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Wow nice find. I wouldn't have thought link and snake were as slow as wario though?
i think its weirder tht bowser is faster thn falco
Thats awesome, I wonder how fast super sonic, wario-man, dragon yoshi, and landmasters are im pretty sure super sonic is like 30 miles per hours
That's Crazy... I expected Charizard to be slow... very slow, if not the slowest, and squirtle to be fast. And I also thought Ganondorf or King Dedede would be the slowest, not Jigglypuff. I wonder if the speeds of the characters from Melee are the same or different in Brawl.
Hmm now that I think about it Jiggly's running in Melee was pretty slow. Bowser might looked funny when he ran but I didn't see it as slow. Interesting test, thanks for the post :3 of course it'll take a lot more than running speed to win a battle heheh
I heard Squirtle was damn fast...
Im guessing some dude just made the figures up after playing with each character, but i havent checked the link...
i find it odd that luigi is so much slower than mario...if anything shouldnt it be vice versa but only a SLIGHT difference really?

also i pictured Pit being pretty quick too in comparison to most others
Ehhh as long as Sonic and Fox are fast I'm good, I'll also be using Pkmn Trainer a lot and it's good to know Charizard is so fast, and Luigi jumps higher than Mario, so Mario runs faster, it's fair in my eyes.
Yeah you gotta take in consideration that this is the -running speed list- and nothing more. If you look at the video 2.0 or so you can see that Charizard walking speed is pretty slow. Then you gotta add in attack speed, etc.

Falco is slower than Fox as far as I can tell, even in Melee. When people say clone they're usually referring to "same move set" which, again, is only one portion of a character, speed, weight, etc. is another.
Good point Douten, this is just a small fraction of the character abilities.
charizard is overall slow. but his running is just fast.

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