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your right dumdum789 meta knight is not good my true fav is olimar he rules
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ready 2 loose GameMaster? I'll show u the power of Olimar!

Code: 2579-4701-7921
Name: DUDE

And I've beaten almost anyone with Toon Link! pm me yours kk.
That whole "tier" list is dumb or whatever the hell its called. Worryin about that crap will get you killed in a fight. All the kids who think their hot stuff just cuz they spam toon links weapons(wich isnt to say hes not good).

Just stick to whoever your comfortable with using and master their moves. Dont let people saying that your main sucks keep you from usin em. Best thing you can do is mop the floor with em.

Olimar is a little tough for me but I dont think he sucks.

The so calles "Dumb Asses" are probrably some of the best brawlers on the site.
oh really gamamasta i bet u cant bet me with ur best person or whaterver it is called i will beat with wit ice climbers pm ur friend code and get ready to DIE! i will pm u mine
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Best character is meta...plain and simple. My favorite is ike, i main meta,ike, and fox.
i dont like ike because hes a little too powerful and i feel like im cheating when i play as him