Super Smash Bros. 4

Sakurai magic says no.

Not impressed by Cloud

Neither am I, in all honestly. Lots'a his attacks are practically borrowed versions of other characters' moves, albeit with a different animation t' better fit Cloud. I really don't expect him t' be top tier either, not unless he has a deceptive combo game to be uncovered post-release.

but hes a swordsman and hes cloud so im ****ing playin him w00t cloud 4 smash
Because if this game needs anything, it's another dicky with a sword who can Counter. Yayyy....

I'm still waiting for King K. Rook and Banjo-Kazooie to get announced.
If Sakurai wants Banjo in, and Microsod miraculously agrees to it, it can happen. Cloud happened t' advertise the Final Fantasy 7 remake, in tandem with major fan popularity, so... Square allowed it, they probably asked Sackofrye theirselves. So it's possible, even if no one should hold their breath for it.

Because if this game needs anything, it's another dicky with a sword who can Counter. Yayyy....

cloud doesnt have a counter tho
He doesn't? It looked like he used a counter attack in the video to me. Maybe it was a D-smash. I dunno.
Aye, no Counter. His D-smash rekt a Little Mac @ 1:11 after rolling the KO Punch and the move he used t' destroy Link and Marth at the same time (1:53) was his Limit Charger move (official name pending) changed into his Finishing Touch Limit Break, which is definitely not a counter. Cloud's moveset potential is far too vast t' incorporate another bloody counter move... and I don't believe he gets a unique counterattack of sorts in Final Fantasy 7 anyways.

That and canonically he's not really a skilled swordsman anyways, much more about brute force. Fire Emblem characters are all about their refined swordplay technique.
Now Sephiroth. Or at least a Zack Fair alt please.

I'm more excited about the Midgar stage sadly.

Also, goodbye PM3.6. I hardly played you. (Like twice with some random tryhard)
who the hell is corrin

holy **** bayonetta thats pretty sick

waw clod is fun
annoyed that i was forced to pay for midgar
Cloud can cancel a counter with his side smash. Op?
Cloud is meh.

Tried supporting chars on miiverse. Drawing is hard as hell on gamepad. I think it started getting better near the end.