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ugh....your post killed my definition of what a REAL noob is

That character pick was my definition of n00b all along, my friend. :lol:

Allways there must be an idiot who think he's better than all others. My post don't show my skills with the characters, and I may have given a little bad definition of their benefits, yeah I know that, but is it really necessary to post harrasing replies?

You just posted a reply wich is a perfect definition of self-sufficient moron..

A good point, really. I'm a Meta/Wolf mainer, and by balls, I dispise the n00b-reputation that comes with them (especially Meta, since, y'know... he takes 1% skill...). But as all pros know this, not any point to echo this.

But rather, Sking has the right to think he's better than the rest; he isn't unstoppable, but I've never seen a random newbie best him even once. Or atleast havn't heard of it. =P He's got skill, don't underestimate the underestimater. ...No matter how douchey he acts. :lol:

your acting like a doosh

And isn't it spelled "douche"?

Hurray for correct spelling! :lol:
Now that I've had my fair share of Brawling expert (but by no means pro) Pit players, I know he's rediculously annoying for tactics that aren't even spam... =/ I'll be wanting to strangle the fairy faggot until Kid Icarus comes out on the 3DS (and is good).