Call of Duty: World at War Rooftops


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Jan 26, 2009
I wanted to know how people get onto the rooftops in Call of Duty: World at War? This is off course in multiplayer.
oh. their is a ledge and on the big building that everyone goes to. its kinda hard to explain but u jump on to ledge stay tight to the wall and then follow your way to the rooftop.
What stage are you on about? I know on Makin you can get onto the Rooftop of the wooden shack (if you're in the tower it's on the far right) and the building next to that too

On Castle you can get on the roof of the building near the Sniping tower, but no idea how

Hangar, I've seen a lot of people on top of the actual hangar itself but no idea how they did it
Yeah, dependant on the map.
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Upheaval-roof is acheived through a bipod glitch allowing you character to "Float" until you can simply step onto the roof

Makin-multiple ledges to jump on to gain access to rooftops

Castle-a fairly complicated route beggining in the bombed out second story room at th top of the map

Courtyard-another bipod trick floating you to the rooftops

thats pretty much all any questions to ask feel free :D

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