Call of Duty 5 Doesn't exist!!!


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Mar 24, 2008
Alright people stop calling call of duty world at war call of duty 5. It's not call of duty 5!!!!
Why do you care that people call it COD5? It comes after COD4, doesn't it? If it isn't COD5, then what is it?

Also, I don't see anybody crying about GH:WT/GH4.
holy **** you made an entire thread for a subject that not only doesnt matter, but thats been beaten into the ground multiple times? COD5 is easier to type than COD:WaW. it's not like anybody has ever said "what is cod5? i thought cod:waw was the last installment in the series?" in other words, **** you.
WaW is the fifth main installment in the series. It is in fact, Call of Duty 5.

Just to piss you off, I'm going to refer to Modern Warfare 2 as COD6
...Why... Seriously. I think it's perfectly safe to call it CoD:5 until further notice. Numbers are easier... What's wrong with that...

Stop your ****-picking and do something a tad more meaningful with this precious bandwidth, no...
bit harsh here guys seriously, i get his point, but hes being over the top, i even call it cod5 and it is the 5th cod game, so yeah its cod 5

but no need to be hostile about it
Truth be told, isn't it like the 8th cod?:lol:
Go to hell southerner >:U

Also, I may not have WaW much longer, have you got a mic yet?

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