Camp for Wii?

Camping for Wii?

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I don't reckon there'll be lines down at my local store. I'll just look like an idiot if I do. So I developed a master plan I'll just drive down five minutes before the store opens, be the only one eargly jumnping around outside then make a big deal about running thorugh the stoe to reach the Wii and push imaginary people out of my way and spear tackle the first other custmor I see and scream "I'm getting the first one tubby" and run u[ to the counter and say "now" and hand over the money and run home (although there was a perfectly good car waiting in the car park) run up the steps to my house trip, causing to fly out of my hands hit my door and tear the box which opens and the Wii falls out and breaks. I scream and realise I'm still asleep in my tent outside the store. (Phew that took awhile)
I have also thought of a master plan, basically i go to the shop armed with a shotgun and tell everyone to leave the shop and get my wii after paying then change outfit in the toilets and run home and play it.i hope it works :)
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since i work at gamestop im gonna be busy if i work on the day it comes out. i'll just save one for me in the back and get some games and accessories
I am gonna pre-order it and pick it up at midnight the night it comes out. not to make sure i get one but to play it i dont think i could stand knowing that someone out there is playing it and i dont have one. Nintendo is making me crazy lol
In my country there is not problem I just go there and buy it! here there are no camps only for reallitys
Yep no camping here either I doubt there will be any campers in my home country so I just pre-order and day Wii comes out I burst to store as soon as it opens or straight from work. Maybe I should get day off for release or few days of ;)
I'll probably end up preordering it then buying it. I would love to camp in front of the store, but I don't think the mall manager would be to happy.
Does anyone else think that camping outside a shop looks kinda stupid??
I mean I've never had that problem of so many people in my town wanting something that I have to sleep outside the shop. If i did it like i said before I just look like a complete idiot and make a fool of myself
yeah I live in a small town, so as long as I preorder it there is no need to camp...and besides I would just end up getting pissed on by drunks...

there's a lot of 'em in my hick town.

Git 'Er Done! Lol, I hate that crap