can gameboy games be played on wii


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Dec 19, 2006
Hi - am an aged parent who's not too knowledgeable so apologies if i'm asking the obvious. I have bought my boys a Wii for christmas. they currently have a gamecube and gameboy advance. On the gamecube they have an adapter that connects to the bottom of the gamecube that allows them to play their gameboy games. I'd hoped that buying the wii would allow me to get rid of the gamecube but from what I've seen online there's no mention of being able to do the same. An assistant in gamestation told me there was an adapter due out but can find nothing online about it.
Does anyone know if this is true or whether there is an alternative solution?
thanks for any advice on this please keep it simple! If it helps as an alternative I have a DS (I succumbed to the brain academy marketing).
I would believe it to be highly likely, as the wii is supposed to be able to do everything a gamecube can. I will be very surprised and disappointed in Nintendo if it doesn't work. Best of luck!
The Gameboy player for the Gamecvube pluged into one of the slots under the console. The Wii does not have these slots. However, I could see Nintendo releasing a USB one in the future. Maybe with DS playability also....
I hope so, because I'd like to get rid of the cube too. This is the only reason I still have it!