can i get my wii online with my blackberry?


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Feb 27, 2009
sorry... i'm kinda low on techie skills... i use my blackberry to connect my computer to the net, can i use it to get my wii online too? anybody know how to do this sort of thing? :) thx!
the lag would be horrible for online gaming and not work for online gaming.

if you want to really do it, then you want to buy the nintendo usb wifi adapter.
it's easy and has instructions to turn your PC into the AP router you would need (backberry connection).

this would only be good for surfing.
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all i really wanted to get online for was the weather, whatever... (we don't have highspeed where i live... and we got rid of the landline phone when we got cell phones...)

so you have to have high speed internet or something to game online?
it would b no where near highspeed
i dont think it would b fast enough to game on
and wouldnt b easy to set up but i think its possible