Can u help me out?


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Jun 19, 2006
Wii Online Code
Where can I get a DS Lite in houston, texas? in Walmart is out of stock, Im going to check in toysrus... but anyway can u tell me where can I get it?
go to england :D :p sorry ... go to toysRus but if it don't work there and if the guys at ur nearest gameshop don't know when they get any more then i would order them at internett yes!
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Look, I have a cousin that lives there, so I told him to buy one for me... he only knows toysrus and Walmart... so dont Online sorry... well can u tell me some more?
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Finally! He bought me the DS Lite with new super mario bros!!!! GREAT!... now he is searching for metroid prime so thnx all... ah and do u know how can I play wi-fi?
you need to have a wireless broadband access on you computer, or a nintendo usb (you can order one at the official website).
Or if your lucky, you can play it at any wi fi hotspot in a public space near you.
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can u explain me that about the wireless broadband access?