Channel Management doesn't work anymore... goin' crazy


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Jul 17, 2009


<I am updated to 4.1>

Earlier I was moving my Mario Kart channel to my SD Card, and it was taking FOREVER...

While it was being moved, like always the screen displayed "Do not remove SD card or power off the Wii" (or something like that)...

Well..... it took so long and my wiimote didnt react, so I held down the power button on the console until it did shutoff.

When I rebooted, the Mario Kart channel was removed from my Wii, HOWEVER, when I go to the Channel management options, whether I choose my Wii channels or my SD Card channels, neither show up anymore, and my Wii becomes completely unresponsive and I am forced to power it off.

1) I tried re-updating, but that didn't work.

2) I deleted all files on my SD card on a computer, and it still doesn't work in the Wii.

3) No matter what the position, horizontal or vertical, my Wii has the same reaction.

4) I haven't tried re-formatting because of the lone fact that I cannot copy my SSBB file. I don't want to have to delete that unless I absolutely have to reformat my Wii.

Anyone else with this same issue or anyone have a solution?


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