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Apr 6, 2009
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Hello Wii Chat.
I love my Nintendo, it was a gift I never asked for because originally it looked bad but now I know it is the funnest system ever, lol.
Anyways hope this forum is fun and meet some cool new people:thumbsup:
Hey, welcome to Wiichat! Hope you enjoy the forums.

I can easily tell you're not the typical advertising jerk who comes here only to do that, but I really need to warn you. The location thing saying "" is really against the rules, and I'm sure the title under your username saying "" is also against the rules. You should really change it before the mods catch wind. I can tell you willingly changed your signature, so I'm confident we won't have any problems from you. :thumbsup:

And yes, Nintendo is indeed quite fun. :p As I ask everyone, would you mind reading the rules? Thanks. :)
^ Rules/FAQ

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