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Jan 8, 2008
isle of wight
Does anyone else here have real problems playing CoD 5 online during the day? Mine seems to disconnect me almost every game between 10am and 11pm!!! I was playing just now, I had made it to my 3rd pack of dogs and the game disconnected me, I only need about 15 points to win!!

So, anyway, how can I overcome this problem?
Could be a problem with ur landline connection like sometimes if the phone rings i will get disconnected which is really wierd cuz i dont even have dsl. You can try to see if there is something wrong with your connection. It might just be very weak so you might want to move your wii to somewhere else. If its not one of those im not sure what it could be lol.
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My wii is within 10 feet of my router. The only real time it works is if I get online first thing in the morning and dont switch my wii* or router off all day, I dont like doing this though

*I mean on the 'select match' online screen
Could be a problem with ur landline connection like sometimes if the phone rings i will get disconnected which is really wierd cuz i dont even have dsl.

If you're using WiFi to connect to your router, then most likely you are getting interference from other 2.4GHz wireless devices (ie. wireless phones), so communication between your Wii and the router is getting interrupted when you receive a phone call. You can try to solve this by moving any transmitter bases and handsets out of the room you are using your Wii in (and try to move them so their signal path doesn't cross the signal path between the Wii and the router).

To Jackus: Are you playing local matches or worldwide matches? Worldwide matches can be more flakey than local given distances and increased latency between players. It could also be that your broadband service degrades during the day due to more and more people in your neighbourhood getting online throughout the day (yes, broadband connections are shared, both cable and dsl, and the more people that connect in a given area, the service will degrade, unless you happen to have FIOS, in which case you shouldn't have a problem). It could just be game server overload too. Does it happen with any other online games, or just COD? It could also be the same as above, in that if you are using WiFi, you could just have alot of interference from other devices. How many people in the house are using the internet connection at one time? If there a few people connected to the router at the same time you are playing a game, that could degrade the connection as well (you might want to make sure your router is locked down and you have no neighbourhood freeloaders using your connection as well). You could also try changing the channel your router is broadcasting on too. If there are other people around you using a WiFi router on the same channel, it can cause connection problems.
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Im the only person in the house using the router and its password protected. There are no phones or phone bases (im in the loft and they are downstairs) I expect its just the servers being stupid, im not sure about worldwide/local, I think CoD is just one game for everyone. Cheers for the info
I don't play, but friends of mine do.

They've been having problems connecting online and one of them contacted his ISP and was told to manually allow certain ports on the router to get the game to work properly. I'll ask him for a list and post them if he has still got the information as it worked for him.
This is the email reply he got .. .. .. .. hope it helps in some way

Response (Jason Chalfant) 02/24/2009 05:14 PM

Most problems with the multiplayer portion of the game are related to routers or other connection sharing devices. You can try setting up port forwarding on your router, Call of Duty: World at War uses ports 3074 and 27900 for UDP and 80, 443, 3074, and 29900 for TCP. If port forwarding does not work you can try putting your console into the DMZ of your router. For information on how to setup your router please contact your router manufacturer.

Please Note: Some internet modems have a router built into the modem itself. To determine if you have a router/modem combination please contact your internet service provider.
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Thanks for the tips, ive found a useful site using the information you gave me. Its says I need a static ip address though so im going to check with my computer friend if I can get round this, im not worried about a static ip but its hassle to change everything.

Once again, thanks
this online game if F up completely double xp mp weekend today cant find a match for about 37 minutes then says unable to connect to cod waw servers overload of people? they just suck cuz no one care's about the wii
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Port forwarding doesnt seem to work, ive spent quite a bit of time today doing loads of different ports and techniques. Ill keep persevering though. I do get the feeling no-one cares about Wii Online
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Double post, sorry. I think the problem has been found! My isp (tiscali) block certain ports used for p2p sharing at peak times, CoD WaW uses these ports as the scoreboards etc are in a p2p way. Either tiscali need to free them up or im off
Mine dose the same sometimes it because some one in the game has a bad connection so it mucks everyone elses