cod waw- leaderboards?


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Jan 28, 2009
okay seriously supposedly they are working on the leaderboards. But does it really take more then a week to get their problems worked out. Im getting pretty annoyed with the wii online gaming. anyone have any answers for me why it is taking so long?
I have no idea. It is pretty annoying. I don't think Treyarch cares much about the online gameplay for Wii. They have much more concern for the PS3 and 360 online services because they have (probably) something like five times as many players.

Basically as far as comparing yourself to others on the leaderboards you're kind of screwed for who knows how long, but you can still look at your own stats. The box still comes up with your rank, exp, kills, deaths, etc.

If you want to see your kill/death ratio, just divide your kills by your deaths.
Say your kills are: 17300
& your deaths are: 7420
Your KD ratio would be: 2.33

It's sad because last time the leaderboards were up, my k/d ratio was only 1.8 and it's already gone up to something like the equation I used as an example lmao It's definitely been over a week now.
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yea my k/d ratio has jumped almost a whole point. but im worried about my wins. cuz ive barely lost in the past week. so im kinda anxious to see that part
haha I stopped caring about wins in COD5 a long time ago. I don't even look at mine. Almost 100% of my losses in TDM/HC are from joining a match that has less than 2 minutes left, on a team of only two other people that are getting raped by dogs with 400 points less than the opposing team.
It's sad how often that actually happens.
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yea that really sickens me...and its another thing wii/treyarch should be able to change. But ive just been playing free for all trying to get my wins up. and i win like 5 or 6 in a row then lose i shood have a win ratio over 1 now i think...idk
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yea they stopped working about a week and a half ago. and they are doing maintence on it...but i dont think it really takes that wondering if they just took the leaderboards off or something
leaderboards take longer than you think. they have to make sure that the board itself works(easy part, 3 days max)
then they have to make sure it recieves the info from players(hard part, month at max)
then they must make sure it correctly reads snd displays that info(hard part, month at max)

its harder than you think.

if you want to you can start a Wiichat League with working leaderboards and such. PM me for any info
the leaderboards have been disabled because someone was able to copy accounts so he had about 50 of his accounts in the top 100 so they are trying to rearrange everything.
I want it back i think i only even looked at it once before it just all went!!:(:(
as per the site they might be working again some time next week, no promises though
Yeah i know but can some1 explain to me about how number1 got 508 streak? ehhh am i just dumb or what lol

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