COD WAW - New stuff and I need your guys help.

then choose a different (more accurate) weapon, OR choose one with a higher firing rate.
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I need help with that lol

Dude! MP40 is the best weapon in the game!!! (In my opinion) All you need is to apply "Double Tap" or "Stopping Power" for your second perk. Use "Bondolier" as your first perk. The third perk is up to you, personally I like to use "Extreme Conditioning" for quick get aways.
yeah mp40 or type100 are probly the best sub's i prefer mp40, the ppsh41 Is craaaap, who gives if it has 71 rounds, with stopping power its taken me an average of 8 hits to kill someone usually
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If you want some advice from a player whos in a clan that made it to the playoffs on GameBattles (basically we're bad ass), then I suggest using the Thompson with the Round Drum. Perks: 1 - Bandolier, 2 -Stopping Power, 3 - Deep Impact. You will probably hate the short magazine when you first start, but it will improve your aiming dramatically. Also, save about 1-2 shots so you don't have to click on your Round Drum. It saves about a second when reloading, which is a significant ammount of time when you think about it.
I personally use either one of two different classes:

FG42 (Accurate and fires extremely fast, but empties quickly)

Walther Pistol (When you are in a firefight and you need to kill them off quickly it does the job fine)

Bandolier (FG42 with 120 ammo)
Sleight of Hand (FG42 reloads really slow normally)

Either Martydom (where you drop a live grenade when killed) or Deep Impact

My second layout is;

STG44 with Aperture sight
Walther Pistol
Double Tap

For both I use Frag and Smoke grenades

I would also recommend the PTRS Bolt action rifle, MP40, Type100, Springfield and PPsh
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If you want to work on aiming/be deadly accurate may I sudgest using a rifle such as the gewer i score and avg of 35-45 kills per round and its longer range makes u live longer for more of those dogs :D