Come Join WaL for cod5!

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Mar 16, 2009

Me and my friend made a clan a few days ago and now we both are recruiting for the clan Wii are Legends (WaL).

If you would like to join us we will need a try out from you before you join just to see how good you are, and if your one of the best players we will make you a mod for the chatbox!

Once we get about 4 more members we will start off with some clan wars and we all will tkes turns going in a clan war!

IF you have any questions or if you want to join please go to [Link Removed] and from there click the chatbox!

[Link removed]


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i am interested in joining this clan.. great name and sounds like it will have a great outcome.. i am a level 65 no prestige and my kill ratio is 1.03 currently.
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Okay just go to chatbox and if no one is there than post in the forums, i will be in the regular chatbox most of the day today
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