Complete list of Wii Games---And Info

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OK, dumb question, but what is the difference between online play enabled and online capable? I've been looking for games to play online with some out of state friends.

And, nice list BTW, its a big help.
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Online play means you can play the game against each other,

i.e Mario strikers charged, medal of honour heroes 2

Online capabilites means no play but data transfer and messaging and stuff like that,

I.E Metroid prime 3, (you trade vouchers), Eledee'd (bits) you send levels to people. Big Brain training, you send you top scores.

these invole no playing against each other
Great list!!!!!!!!! im new to all of this, so what i do is check the list before i buy a game. THIS IS AWESOME! ! ! what are trade voucher? I'm waiting for Metriod in the mail and thought that i would be able to play others in other states. So far i have no games i can play online with others, can you suggest something? currently i have zelda, red steel, wii play, wii sport, getting metroid and a bunch of game cube games. HELP!
Again, great list, but I wonder if someone can help me out. I got Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, as I liked the first one and was really looking forward to online play as we have some out of state friends with a Wii. The list shows this game as online play enabled, however, I cannot figure out how to do anything besides post scores. What gives, list mistake, games specs changed, or is it in there and I just can't find it?
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when online was announced ubisoft didnt give details, the list hasnt been updated in a while ill have 2 fix that soon.

so yeah its not enabled its just score sharing
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february 10th i think in USA

no idea about UK
That's a pretty good list, and I'll be checking up from time to time.

Can anybody say more games than Gamecube yet?