Completed star but doesn't show as complete


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Mar 18, 2009
Am about 80 stars into the game (love it!) but 2 stars I've done 3 or 4 times over, just won't show as completed. Am worried as this will keep game from being completed! One is Terrace/Good Egg Galaxy/Dino Piranha; the other is Kitchen/Buoy Base Galaxy/The Secret of Buoy Base.

Has anyone else had this probem?? How to fix it?? Is it maybe a glitch in the CD and should I exchange it??

Thanks for any help! (email me at [email protected])

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Comets that have disappeared

I read somewhere online that if you go to the observatory where the comet's disappeared, and play a star on that galaxy, (can even be one you've already done), that you'll go back to the map and see the comet back as available. I tried it - it worked. Good luck!
I don't think moving comets is the OP's question. Completing a star and not getting credit for is a strange problem--and I don't have an answer for it.

When you pick up the stars in the level, are they yellow or gray/translucent? What about the star list in the map screen? Does that show completed stars? When you get the star and exit the level, does it go through totaling up the stars and star bits and give you the option to save?

BTW, very minor spoiler alert regarding comets:
You can move comets by talking to the big, pink luma outside the terrace dome. For 20 star bits, he'll move a comet to a galaxy where you haven't completed the comet.