Aug 6, 2006
Ok im hearing that Third Party devs wont be able to support SD cards? Does that mean they cant MAKE sd cards or their files cant be saved onto it, would it save on the Wii?
And this really sucks that you have to save VC games onto a SD card, that crushed my heart cause i would have to spend like 40 bucks on top of the games
people calm down, I hate when people get to critical. Let the Wii get its self prepared! When the Wii is fully ready it will give us all plenty of fun.
The specs said there's 512MB of internal memory, so I'm guessing the VC games will be saved there. I doubt Nintendo'll force gamers to buy extra SD memory cards inorder to play the VC. Unlike Sony who basicly forces you to buy their crappy memory cards ($25 for 8MB... I got 1GB[1028MB] SD card for $30) so you can save your game.

@Sovieto: I think it means that developers won't be able to access the SD Card from their software/games. I would assume they can use the Wii's 500MB storage instead.

I quote things I have said in the other thread about this SD Card issue, see HERE.

I would be quite suprised if Nintendo don't make some sort of utility that's built into the Wii Operating System, which enables you to manage and copy things TO and FROM your Wii's 500MB Flash Storage and your SD Card.

So yea, if Nintendo have made some sort of utility as I have described above, which I think is VERY likely, then this is a very small issue.

hey but i remeber someone from intendo saying that the sd cards is one way to save the games that they have announced so i think that there must be mores ways to save other then they have announce so far so that something else to look forward on th 14th
They also announced that the Wii will be compatible with an external HDD. I was planning on getting one once I get the Wii. Never have to buy another memory card again! It's also one of those things that could propell Nintendo above the other next-gen consoles - No in-built hard drive means removable and upgradable storage. I'll try and find an article that confirms this (although I'm already pretty damn sure...)


Referring to the console's USB ports, Iwata confirmed that "practically any storage method can be used."

In addition, Iwata's remarks imply that Nintendo intends to, ultimately, leave the best storage solution up to the consumer's discretion — a freedom that could give Nintendo an edge (in terms of consumer satisfaction) over Sony and Microsoft. For example, a quick search on Circuit City's website yields Seagate's 160 GB external drive for only $60 (with rebate). Compare that to Microsoft's $100, 20 GB 360 HDD (also manufactured by Seagate). No contest.

I realise that the article is quite old, but since there has been no denial of the possiblity of an external HDD compatibility, I think it's fairly safe to assume it will support it. Especially since otherwise, those two USB ports will probably go to waste.
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well if nintendo conferms that they are gonna allow the use of external hard drives (other than the ones they make) for game saves and VC conetent, here is an 80 gig external USB HDD for only $75