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Foxy Lady

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Jan 26, 2009
Hamburg, NY
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Hello everyone: I am new to this forum as well as the Wii.

I would like to connect to the internet but don't know how. My computer is on the main floor of my house but the Wii is in the basement connected to a tv down there.

What do I need to purchase and do to get connected. Thanks

Do you have a Wi-Fi router?
If so you can connect your Wii to the internet via the options screen.
It will scan for your home network.
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No, I don't have a Wi Fi router. Where would I get one?
Any PC shop would sell them.
Make sure its compatable with you type of internet connection.
Either ADSL or Broadband.
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Internet connection

Thanks for the info. I have DSL so will check for that.
The Wii manual gives further details on how to connect to a router once it's set up.
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Thanks Skippy. Just pulled out the manual and will look for instructions. Incidentally I have a DSL router - couldn't I connect through that?
Just connect it up and find out for yourself. If you get wi-fi set up, the rest is simple.