Cons to wireless controller

Because the new Wii wireless controller only takes AA batteries, what will happen when the batteries die? Will the game know somehow and pause the game/save the game til you put in new batteries or will it just keep continuing, as you can do nothing to stop it? :confused:

What's to stop the game from just killing you off, if you are playing Twilight Princess and you are in a boss stage and your controller's batteries die out and the boss kills you, even when you are so incredibly close to beating it. :scared:

This is something I don't really understand how it will work. :mad:
Every battery controller I've ever seen just dies and they game just keeps going as if you set the controller down. Twould be nice if it knew and paused it but I wouldn't count on it. Buy some rechargeables and keep em rotated. It seems like people want to make minor issues that are universal sound like deal breakers for he console.
dont worry that much the wireless controller for the gamecube lasts a very long time (ive heard) That would be cool if when the batterys die the controls to the game that your playing switches to another controller you have.
all three new systems have wireless so this is an issue no matter which console you are using, however with the ds nintendo built in a warning light for when the battery is getting low so you can plug it in or save and not lose any information, maybe the wiimote will feature a similar indicator.
the most likely thing is that the controller probably might have a low battery light or signal that warns you before the battery is completely drained.
well i tend to use aa rechargeable 2500 (last quite awhille even in my gpx2)
I have a wavebird for the GC and the batteries dont just go out they go in and out. so you can change the batteries before it goes completly dead.
Get some rechargables the higer the wat the better
Darkprinny said:
Get some rechargables the higer the wat the better

I think you will find that this doesn't solve the problem at hand.

I personaly think that nintendo will find someway around the problem either with the light on the controler changing to a different colour to warn you or the game pausing when the controler signal stops or both.
I'm sure they'll have something incorporated to pause/stop the game. X-Box has it for their breakaway controllers.