cool little fourm game


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Jul 28, 2006
Hey, people have been making so many fun games I thought I would make one of my own. So, basicly we wer are making one really long story, one sentence at a time. So I will post the first sentence, then the next person will post a sentence telling what happens next in the story.

first person: Mario was walking through the forest.
second person:When he heard a noise.
Third person: he looked all around, but didnt see anything.

1. no killing the main character
2. dont make your sentence more than 2 or 3 lines long.
3. no need to post the sentence of the person above you. Just your own.

If it gets to long or confusing, i will start a new one.
Oh, and If you have any questions, please ask.
I'll start.

Mario was watching TV.
why would mario go to prison for killing bowser who killed the princes and raped her?

the king then releases mario, luigi then slaps the king because he enjoyed being the hero.
because it murder and bowser jr is a good lawyer luigi get shot by a random sniper then mario goes to a space and then gets trapped in the robo boss clockwork mechincim
i suppose so, maybe i will change it.

and wario as well, each itching to play some mario tennis.
While zombie luigi starts a vacuuming service using the ghost vacuum and sucks him up for eternity.

(this isn't fun and this has already been done except one word at a time, and someone put all the sentences together, it'll make alot more sense)
Resulting in a breakout of 100 boos

(yeah the other game is Waay better, but this one is cool anyway)