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Aug 2, 2006
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wouldnt be cool if you could costumised a character and change the moves and look of them and also have a wii made picture ?
give ur thoughts and your costumised charater ideas
Cool I would give Fox McCloud Marths Clothes and then have the Fox from Starfox Adventures not SF64 or SF Assault..Then instead of shooting lasers he should shoot Samus Blaster thing
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yeah mine would be pit with snakes clothes and he would have zero samus's gun whip but he will still have a whip gun and my wii picture would be comet
i definatley hope you cant costumize your characters.....(because i heard that Nintendo might add that to the game) guys are talking about cheap and rigged characters....well if you customize them and play with them online that might get a little cheap..
MetroidZ said:
it would be cool to unlock new moves as u go one through the game, like pokemon.

Taht Be Cool! "Mario Leaned Fire Kamehameha":lol:
Learning moves wouldn't be cool, you'd have like nothing when you start out and someone online with better moves than you would rip you to shreds.
i think he meant just for the game, anyways, i would mind a unique character, you can take an exsisting character, change the color of his clothes and skin/fur/what not, i think that would be very cool but some then there would be the "same color" thing and there will always be a color that blends into a backround so you cant see them until the P1 or whatever flashes over
I don't like the idea. Let's say someone unlocked all the moves and has everything and then beats you for using an ultra-powerful tech. Winning a fight will be about how strong of a move you have rather than winning with skill.

I DO like the idea of changing appearance like customizing Mario's hat and shoes...
you could have a character like Peach and change her moves to be like Zelda. completely fool your opponent.:p